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I tried to help a 15-year-old Black kid who had no mother and no father.

He lived on the street. He slept at his grandmother’s house when he slept.

Can you imagine?

I tried to teach him computer programming which is what I know.

He seemed to appreciate it.

I showed him a few simple things which he got.

But he walked away into a land where there is no internet.

A land where there are no iPhones or digitial cameras. Not for him.

A land where education is simply beyond his abilities because there is no up side.

This isn’t poverty, my friends.

This is brutality.

This is West Palm Beach.

Until you look into the eyes of a child you cannnot save, you have not looked at your country.

And you have not felt hurt.

Hurt is what it feels like when help is beyond what you can do.


Written by Charles Keefer

August 16, 2012 at 1:39 am

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