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I’ve got to slow down. Life is rushing by so fast I can’t blog it.

Since the Great Escape, which I haven’t finished telling you about, I’ve been on the road – a lot.

I travelled to Columbia, SC, where I got to see a football game courtesy of my Journalism School. I drove to Asheville, NC, where I participated in an anti-war protest, then bought a new motorcycle. Here is a photo.

I left my car in Asheville and drove the motorcycle to back to Columbia where I attended a luncheon at the University of South Carolina for scholarship doners. I met one of my scholarship recipients at the University’s Journalism School. She is charming and hopes to work for ESPN some day.

Then I drove the new motorcycle to Charleston, SC, where I left it with a friend. I flew back to Asheville to retrieve my car, then drove it back to West Palm Beach.

I then flew back to Charleston to retrieve the motorcycle and drove it back to West Palm Beach. I spent a rain day in St. Augustine, FL, one of my favorite cities, where I again went to the Fountain of Youth and imbibed the waters, looked at the exhibits, and watched a guy fire an arquebus.

And when I finally got home, I took out the spray cleaner and removed the bugs from my new motorcycle, then touched up the ones that had been sitting in the garage collecting dirt and grit.

I’ll tell ya, it feels good to be sitting in my chair in front of my computer in my own apartment with nowhere I have to go for at least a month.

But the travel was cool too.


Written by Charles Keefer

November 2, 2011 at 9:04 pm

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  1. Did you know about THIS St. Augustine landmark?

    Ken Steinhoff

    November 2, 2011 at 9:10 pm

  2. Actually, one of the guides said that they had found massive burial sites for native Americans but had not found the site where the invading Spanish were buried. The University of Florida is now excavating the site to try to find the limits of the original Spanish fort. They have three dig sites in progress, but I couldn’t talk to them because they were taking a rain day. They had two digs going trying to find the ends of the fort and another back towards the middle of the settlement.

    I did this when I was in college.

    They are looking for dark spots in the ground that show where logs for the palisades were planted. All I saw were three three-meter by two-meter excavations going down a couple of feet and covered by plastic. Two of them were on the axis of what the guide said was the palisade. I assume the third one is where they found what we would call today the city dump. Probably has lots of pottery and rum bottles.

    They are assuming that the Spanish burial is to the north but don’t have the money to explore it.

    As usual, they have a deadline or they wouldn’t get any money. In 2015, the King and Queen of Spain are supposed to stop by for the anniversary of Spain claiming all of America. UF wants to show them something.

    As usual, this isn’t a good reason to fund scientific research.

    Now I don’t think that taking down this whole site and finding the Spanish burials is going to increase human knowledge a whole lot. It won’t create a whole lot of jobs.

    I just can’t believe we haven’t already done it.

    Three little holes that aren’t even telling us how big the fort was is what we have.

    We already know that they moved off the mainland to the barrier island. Is it because they could not finish the fort?

    We know that they made another fort on the barrier island and that it fell into the sea.

    And they moved back to the mainland and built a fort that was never taken in combat.

    We are talking the 1500’s.

    And we know where they were. We just haven’t excavated.

    Charles Keefer

    November 2, 2011 at 10:29 pm

  3. Coolest looking bike I’ve seen for awhile. I got a Chinese-made Loncin 150cc, which is perfect for the Dominican Republic, where gas is about $6/gallon. There is helmet law in the DR, but no limit on how many people you can carry. My bike has had six kids aboard, plus the driver. In my city, there are more motorbikes than cars and most of them have no tag, no license, no insurance, no lights and often no brakes. And you only have to wear the helmet when you pass a police station. I got stopped driving past one a couple of months ago and the cop said, “I’m taking your motorbike prisoner.” I got it back after showing up at the station with a helmet and paying a $25 fine.

    Bill Douthat

    November 23, 2011 at 3:20 pm

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