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This is a view from the top of the Oasis of the Seas down into an area they call Central Park. Basically, it is a green space where they have their high value restaurants. It also allows them to have a couple hundred rooms with balconies that don’t look at the ocean.

I was unable to figure out how much of the green stuff was artificial, but I’m willing to bet the stuff going up the walls doesn’t need to be watered very often.

This photo is from ground level.

I don’t know who designed this, but it is awesome considering that it is on a ship.

I’ve been on lots of ships, but this one is incredible. And it isn’t even considered the best in the fleet. The guys that do the five star guide books say the Celebrity line has the best ships that have prices reachable by normal people.

My next cruise is on Celebrity. If there is something better than this, I have to see it.


Written by Charles Keefer

November 2, 2011 at 9:26 pm

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  1. I don’t believe it. Is it a ship?

  2. Yup. It is a ship. And it isn’t supposed to be the best ship in the fleet.

    I just talked to my Celebrity representative who says that while the Celebrity ships are not as big as the Oasis, the staterooms are bigger and the cuisine is better. I sailed on the Celebrity Century when it was new and it was the most beautiful ship I’ve been on. It had the best foodI I’ve had on the water. It is now the oldest in the Celebrity fleet.

    The most important thing about a cruise ship is your cabin. If it is cramped, you don’t really care about the public spaces. You feel cramped. You have to walk sideways to get around the bed. You don’t have enough storage space for the junk you bought in the straw market. Pretty soon, junk is everywhere because you have no place to store it. When the cruise is over, you feel like you are moving out of a mobile home.

    In the middle of a cruise, you start hating your bathroom. You start wondering who designed a bathroom that only takes up 10 square feet. You wonder if they would make a better profit if they put the potty in the shower. And you wonder why her makeup takes up all the available space.

    Excuse me, but if you are in to spending the kind of money it takes to go on a week long cruise, think again. Take a three day and get the owner’s suite for the same bucks. You get a shower with several shower heads and a glass wall to look out while you soap up. You get a wet bar. You get a whirlpool. You get a living room and a dining room.

    You get free appetizers every night. You get free bottles of booze, your choice, for your wet bar.

    And you get good seating for the events and a dinner with the Captain.

    You get treated like a VIP for three nights as opposed to being treated like a well taken care of pedestrian for seven.

    I can’t really complain about the cabin on the Oasis, but I have had better.

    Charles Keefer

    November 10, 2011 at 8:03 pm

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