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I saw Mary Kate Leming today. I was riding down A1A on my way to a luncheon at P.F. Chang’s in Boca and saw the “Open” sign on her office door. So I stopped by to renew my subscription to her paper, The Coastal Star, serving beach towns that I can’t afford to live in.

I am happy to report that our former librarian at The Palm Beach Post is doing just fine as a publisher of her own newspaper. She has figured out how to make money serving towns we never even covered. And she has introduced a Boca Raton edition.

Her biggest problem, she said, was her advertising staff. They aren’t like newsroom people. They are motivated only by money. And, she said, you can’t convince them that they can’t tell advertisers that her paper will do a story on them if you buy an ad.

I said “Put it on your rate card.”

She said “I think we have.”

I have worked for daily papers with fewer ethics.

So, people, go to the web site and sign up for the paper. It is $18 a year and Mary Kate said that just covers the postage. But it will give her another subscriber and circulation is the name of the game in advertising which supports journalists doing their thing.

Did I forget to say that Mary Kate is a wonderful person and you should buy a subscription just on that basis?

You can also find out a lot of stuff about the towns we never covered.

This is not a solution to the demise of metropolitan papers with health benefits and 401K plans for employees. I’m sure Mary Kate doesn’t have that.

It is an improvised stop-gap to keep people from going broke until we realize that people are more important than profit.



Written by Charles Keefer

September 8, 2011 at 10:42 pm

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