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Vic and Angelo’s in Delray Beach

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Now this is a burger. It's from Le Tub in Hollywood, FL.

Today I took the Ducati out for a spin and to gather some lunch. I was heading for a Thai restaurant in Delray Beach that got some good reviews but got drenched just south of 6th Avenue South in Lake Worth by one of those scattered showers that just happen to scatter where you are on a two-wheeled vehicle. It took until Boynton Beach to get through it. By that point, my tee shirt was flopping in the wind because it was completely water-logged. And, of course, I was wearing jeans that don’t get dry in the wind – ever.

So I pulled off at Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach figuring a drive down the coast road in the sunlight would dry me off. It did, except for the jeans. Then I headed for the Thai place but that was underneath another scattered shower. So as not to be scattered again, I turned around and stopped on Atlantic Avenue where there are lots of restaurants to pick from.

I passed an outdoor rock and roll bar, what looked like a perfectly good Philly cheese steak place and wandered in to Vic and Angelo’s. The menu had some interesting choices that I should have tried. Instead, I tried their grass-fed double burger with parm fries and an Italian beer.

Mostly, a burger is a burger is a burger with few exceptions and this wasn’t one of them. I was not impressed with the parm fries. They were kinda soggy and mealy and the cheese didn’t help. For this, the bill was $20.

I can think of lots of places where I can get a better burger and a beer for $20.

So if you go, try something Italian. Maybe you will have better luck.


Written by Charles Keefer

August 1, 2011 at 3:58 pm

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