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A Second Ride

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The bridge is now open.

Another five or so mile ride on the new bicycle today. Same two bridges – the north bridge and the middle bridge. Same “I know I can make it but is this climb ever going to end.” I’m a long way from doing the Blue Heron bridge. But the recovery seemed quicker so I’m making progress. The second day of an exercise program can’t be used as a benchmark for anything.

What I can say for a sure fact is that 7 p.m. is an excellent time to bicycle around West Palm Beach. It is still hot enough to work up a decent sweat and the light is beautiful. I’ll take a camera next time.

There was a reggae band going on the lawn at the the relatively new park where the library used to be. People were eating pizza and there were lots of small kids in the Nancy Graham fountain.

You could faintly hear the band from the Palm Beach side but the lighting on the buildings in West Palm was beautiful. I saw one other guy on the short trail between the north and middle bridges.

While I was at the new park on the waterfront, I rode the bike across the grass. The thing has huge 2 inch tires and riding across grass isn’t much harder than riding on pavement. I was amazed.

I also was amazed at how smooth the bike was. It is a hard tail but the front forks soak up the bumps.

They also put on small-knobby treads on the tires so they roll well on pavement.

I think I may have to raise the seat. I’m not sure I’m getting a full thrust on the down stroke. But I don’t want more strain on the wrists.

I also may have to replace the seat. I think it has to go a bit wider to grip my sit bones properly. I think a slightly wider seat will do.

It will take some more miles to tell.


Written by Charles Keefer

July 28, 2011 at 9:15 pm

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