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I really hate to see people like Bill Greer go.

Bill came from a time when writing was important – a time when no one had even thought of a twitter – a time when so much good journalism was done and so much was not done because it was not allowed.

Bill’s obit, by one of The Palm Beach Post’s best writers, Scott Eyeman, said Bill was a writer’s editor.

“Writers loved him because he was one of the few editors who could edit in the writer’s style. He could look at a writer’s mind and see what they saw – the clack and purr of words in a stylish sentence,” said former Managing Editor Bill Rose.

Bill Rose could see it because he could do it too.

I also was an editor at The Post, but I always had trouble seeing past the clack and purr of my own words.

I don’t apologize. I improved a lot of copy. But I was a journeyman compared to these guys.

Bill Rose is now retired in Mississippi.

And now I’d say you don’t have anyone on a local level who even knows how to hold a candle to these guys.

There will be lots of great stories that you won’t read. There will be lots of writers who won’t have a boost to be great writers.

And that is a shame.

Taking words in your head and putting them on paper, or on a blog, in a way that makes them important and makes other people want to read them, is an art. It is an art that is made by people like Bill Greer and Bill Rose. They have the genius in them and are able to pass it on to some.

My biggest regret was that I never worked for these guys as a writer.

But I was well past that in my career when I met them. I was writing computer code. I had left the business.

I wrote some good code, but I would trade it all in for what I would have written under Bill Greer. Or Bill Rose.

Maybe I would have heard more than the purr and clack in my head.


Written by Charles Keefer

July 5, 2011 at 8:52 pm

Posted in Blog

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  1. Chuck, you said it all in one line: “There will be lots of great stories that you won’t read.”


    July 8, 2011 at 7:31 am

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