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Gosh, it must be hard to be a Republican these days.

No matter what you do, you are running against a nice guy.

Regardless of the lies and the invective you have thrown against Barack Obama, he has always responded as a reasonable guy interested in compromise.

And what have you got?

Kill Medicare by calling it ObamaCare – make it a Black thing – but still throw grandma under the bus.

Kill the unions because they are the only ones who can come up with enough money to make it a fight.

Cut taxes for the rich who already are so wealthy that you can’t describe it in terms normal humans can appreciate.

But let’s try.

Let’s take a guy everybody knows – Bill Gates. He founded Microsoft and retooled your jobs with his software.

Gates is worth $56 billion, according to Forbes. That means Bill Gates could own four Nimitz Class aircraft carriers. Those are the largest, nuclear powered, carriers in the U.S. fleet. Pax Microsoftus.

As of 2009, 46 million people in this country had no health insurance.

I’m not sure how a $14 billion aircraft carrier translates to health insurance, but the difference between Bill Gates and the part-time greeter at Wal-Mart with no health insurance who is trying to supplement his Social Security is just astonishing.

As a Republican, your platform is that the Wal-Mart greeter should give up some of his Medicare so that Bill Gates can get a tax cut.

That would be what I call a hard sell.

No wonder there is so little tallent out there trying to sell it. Anyone with half a brain is going “Not me, babe.”

Of course there is Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman. This is the Mormon Church trying to get mainstream. You do understand that they believe in magic underware or have you been living in a cave for most of your life.

The Mormon church is the biggest cult in America. They believe stuff that makes Baptists who handle snakes look sane.

Then you have Michelle Bachmann. This woman makes Sarah Palin look good.

Lawrence O’Donnell thinks Tim Pawlenty is going to be the guy because he has the least bad stuff.

Ron Paul was asked a simple question. If a five-year-old non-citizen walked in to hospital emergency room with a bleeding wound, should he be treated. His answer took about five minutes.

O’Donnells response was: “The answer is Yes.”

There you go.

Republicans believe Bill Gates needs a fifth Nimitz carrier more than an a kid needs a couple of stitches.

You decide.


Written by Charles Keefer

June 16, 2011 at 12:02 am

Posted in Blog, Politics

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