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I see today that the Palm Beach Post is doing the lowest common denominator thing again.

As a graduate of The Post with 33 years in, I only tune in a couple of times a week. It hurts me to see what the third best paper in Florida has become.

In the first place, it shouldn’t be giving away its news for free. But since it fired all its news talent a few years ago, it really can’t charge for much.

So what we have is a man gets life for dismembering his roommate and a little girl gets horribly bitten by a dog. And an ad for a bogus weight loss system.

Local, yes. Important? Not hardly.

We have five nuclear reactors melting down in Japan, and two nuclear reactors sitting on the Gulf Stream in South Florida, and nothing about it on The Post’s home page.

I know what you are thinking. If you want meltdown news, go to CNN. Right?

Wrong. That is the story of the day. It should be on the front page of the Palm Beach Post. You shouldn’t have to go somewhere else to find out what is happening with the hottest story of the day.

Why the hell would you send people elsewhere to read the hottest story of the day? Do you really want to lose those readers?

The Post hasn’t done a story about how those nuclear plants in Japan compare to the ones we have in Miami and St. Lucie. Not that I can find. I searched “nuclear” in their search engine and found nothing. But I have been told that the search engine doesn’t work worth a damn and it hasn’t been fixed in years.

I am told by former staffers that the editor, Tim Burke, doesn’t return phone calls.

I wouldn’t either if I thought that basketball (he is former Sports Editor) was more important than nuclear power and its possible consequences.

I wouldn’t if I thought that dog bites girl is more imporatant than our energy future.

What I do wonder about is why so many news executives come from sports instead of news.

My best guess would be lowest common denominator.

How is your retirement looking, by the way?

Do you really want the Tea Party people going after Social Security and Medicare?

Come to your senses, America. What is going on in Japan is very important. It is the future of our world.

That it was not on the home page of The Palm Beach Post is indefensible.


Written by Charles Keefer

March 16, 2011 at 9:40 pm

Posted in Blog

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  1. it goes something like those who can not do teach and yhose who can not play edit???????


    March 18, 2011 at 5:18 am

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