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An oops for the Green People …

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Ah, nuclear power. The answer to our energy problems when auto, industrial, and coal plant exhausts threaten bad things for our environment.

Energy so cheap it might as well be free, they said during the first nuclear boom.

What hubris we have.

We are trying to make money off things that are one step away from powering the sun and we think we can do it safely even though after 50 years we still can’t say how we are going to store the waste products that will be toxic 50 times longer than we as a species have been making tools.

It used to be hubris was the thing of novels. Now it is the currency of our everyday lives.

The Japanese build nuclear power plants on geologic fault lines. Here in Florida, we build them on spits of land that stick out almost into the Gulf Stream.

Is this some kind of nuclear death wish?

I have a T-shirt from a bar that is five miles away from a nuclear power plant in St. Lucie County. You can ride your motorcycle by the plant and see the cuts they made to the Atlantic Ocean to bring in cooling water. As you motor south, there is the containment building on your right and the Atlantic on your left. You cross two bridges that are the cuts they made to bring in the cooling water.

There is a bunch of highly radioactive expended fuel rods sitting in a pool at that plant because they have nowhere else to put it.

Seems to me this is engineered to wash the plant away in a big storm surge – especially one we had not planned on because we didn’t consider global warming when we built this thing.

I am no scientist, but I would think that common sense would tell you that you don’t want to site something so potentially destructive as a nuclear power plant next to an ocean current that not only powers the weather, but also powers the ocean’s ability to provide itself and us with food.

And now they want us to double down on nuclear power? Build more because it is green?

I am no stock analysist but I would say sell if the company you hold has nuclear ambitions.

Can we now start talking about education and empowering women? That seems more effective.


Written by Charles Keefer

March 14, 2011 at 9:30 pm

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  1. What does SEX,DRUGS and MAKING MONEY have in common? Nothing, now that I have your attention take a look at the link.Thanks.


    March 15, 2011 at 2:28 am

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