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I know that you people are getting tired of reading editorials about the state of the world when you come to this site. Nobody comments.

So, I’ve decided to go local.

Since I know nothing about local politics except for the saying that “all politics are local”, I went to the county commission site to find out what district I am in.

The Palm Beach County web site has a nice drop down that says “I want to” and gives you choices including “find what district I am in.”

Naturally, I clicked on that.

The resulting page has a link that says “Find Your District.”

I clicked that.

Here is the response. “NOT FOUND”

This pretty much means that if you are new to the county and know how to Google, the county isn’t going to help you find out what district you live in. Or even if you have lived here for years and haven’t worried about it, the county still isn’t going to help you.

So, I went to the help page and left a message for the ITT staff saying the above.

Underneath that unresponsive link are links to maps of the various districts. I went through them all and I think I found that if you live in City Place, you are in District 7. It is kinda hard to tell because they aren’t Google type maps. You can’t enlarge them. You have to guess.

I also found that, if I actually live in District 7, my district is split. Part of it lies between Lake Park and City Place. Another part takes in what looks like the south part of Palm Beach. Then it jumps back over to the mainland and goes from Lake Worth to Linton Boulevard east of I-95.

Having been here a while, I would say this takes in most of the county’s black population and the primarily liberal and Jewish South Palm Beach crowd along with a bunch of white people who may or may not be liberal but are certainly out voted by those of us who are.

Now I want to know who represents me.

This one is pretty easy. I go back to the home page and click on District 7. I find my commissioner is Pricilla A. Taylor. She has an email link. You get Cool. At least that works.

You also get a list of stuff she did.

On Feb. 1, she presented a proclamation declaring Feb. 20-26 “Eating Disorders Awarness Week.”

She also presented a Certificate of Commemoration to Wilhelmina Jakes Street.

On Jan. 5 she presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Notye Brewington for her achievements in working with minority and disadvantaged kids.

There are a few more.

I’m sure these are important things, but, coming from a perspective of national politics, I’m more interested in jobs, taxes, deficits, unions and such. I’m also interested in the environment, oil consumption, water, and zoning and building. And I’m also interested in whether this woman, a Democrat I would think, is interested in running for national office. So I want to know what she thinks about our current wars, what is happening in the Middle East, and sugar subsidies, among lots of more things including her stance on abortion, gun control and election financing.

So, the county web site is no help.

So I google. First reference, a Playboy Playmate of the Month – March 1996. Holy shit. Hope it is her.

Second reference:

Priscilla Taylor is a West Palm Beach, Florida, businesswoman and Democratic politician who serves as Palm Beach county commissioner for District 7.

Representative Taylor was born on December 31, 1949. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree at Barry University in 1997 and her M.B.A. at Palm Beach Atlantic University in 1999. She owns an insurance agency and was a Port of Palm Beach commissioner from 1999 to 2004.

She was first elected as the representative for District 84 of the Florida House of Representatives in 2004 and was reelected again in 2006 and 2008. She served as Democratic Whip from 2004 to 2006.

After Addie Greene of the Palm Beach County commissioners board resigned due to health reasons she endoresed Taylor as her replacement.

Like Commissioner Greene, Rep. Taylor is an African-American woman Democrat.

Taylor gave up a re-election bid to the Florida House of Representatives to accept the appointment from Governor Charlie Crist to temporarily fill Greene’s former commission seat.

Well, this hasn’t been updated in a while. Apparently she won in 2010 and she has two four-year terms left in which she could be elected.

Here is a link to her biography on the Commission’s web site.

Pretty impressive.

So is she thinking about national office or just another 8 years as county commissioner?

Is she thinking about anything more pressing than “Eating Disorders Awarness Week?”

Can’t find a site that will tell me.


Written by Charles Keefer

February 21, 2011 at 10:49 pm

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  1. still she is better than Greene was who in private was a racial zealot, hence her replacement


    February 22, 2011 at 8:04 am

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