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Double Zero

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Lots of people have criticized CNN for giving Michelle Bachmann air time for her response to the State of the Union speech.

Yet, days later, I’m reading a Gail Collins piece in the New York Times about it.

Obviously it had some impact. That makes it news.

From my perspective, we now have three parties in our system. We have the Democrats, who may actually be somewhat interested in governing. We have the Republicans, who are lockstep in lying to promote party interests, namely anyone who contributes big bucks to their re-election. And we have the bubble-heads, represented by Ms. Bachmann, who simply are incapable of assimulating anything beyond a comic book representation of the world.

I’m for CNN giving Ms. Bachmann a platform. For one thing, it gave plain relief to the fact that she would rather give her speech to a web site than a real network. That’s why she was looking to the left. She was looking into her webcam, not CNN’s real cameras. This is totally new. Nobody has ever done this before.

It is becoming fashionable to dismiss Sarah Palin as a money-grubbing jabbermouth, which she is. It is fashionalbe to call Michelle Bachmann “a poor man’s Sarah Palin.”


Because that pair of loons are threatening what the Republican Party stands for – an unlimited flow of money from the government to corporations and to the rich.

Just imagine shutting down that flow because some dumb son-of-a-bitch Tea Party idiot decided to filibuster a bill increaseing the national debt.

It would be chaos.

It is kinda like Las Vegas. As long as you are losing money gracefully, you are welcome. Once you point out that there are zeros and double zeros on American roulette tables and only zeros in Europe, you are out the door.

Michelle Bachmann points out that there are double zeros in America – people who have the vote but are too stupid to be using it. And they are electing representatives.

That is news. And CNN shouldn’t be the only network to broadcast it.


Written by Charles Keefer

January 30, 2011 at 12:14 am

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  1. The funny thing is, according to either the Times or the WPost, the Tea Party website Bachmann was speaking to didn’t carry her live either.

    What bothered me about CNN carrying her live is that she had nothing to say. She’s not a party leader. She has offered no substantial legislation in her first two terms in the House. And she’s not a serious conservative thinker. If Bachmann’s the bar to be regarded as a legislator of note, there’s probably 100 other House members who could’ve given that speech. Why not let them all have five minutes live?

    The media made her a personality for no reason, other than she will say outlandish things and looks good saying them. And her remarks distracted from the attention that should have been focused on the completely idiotic things Paul Ryan said in the “official” Republican response, which are a lot scarier because of the powers the Republicans have given him over the budget.

    Bachmann is the newest shiny object the media uses as an excuse to avoid the hard work of reporting on the facts we need to face.

    As I would’ve said to my old dog Noodles:

    Bad media! Bad, bad, bad media! Do that again and we’ll hit you with the rolled up newspaper and make you sniff your poop!

    Scott Campbell

    February 6, 2011 at 12:23 am

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