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What do these states have in common?

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Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah, Arizona, Okalhoma, Texas, Louisana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, and Michigan.

According to The New York Times, these states all have governors and state legislatures that are solidly anti-abortion.

This makes sense to me, except for the states of Ohio and Michigan.

They are mostly rural. Their citizens mostly think their daughters should marry their neighbors’ sons and spawn quarterbacks.

They mostly think they were better off 50-years-ago.

They are mostly right. There is some great football in those states and they probably were better off 50-years-ago.

That was when the system was working. The banks were regulated, Social Security was not in trouble (not that it is today) and everybody thought that if you didn’t play hurt, there was something wrong with you.

It all pretty much worked.

Now they look at football and they see people worried about concussions. They look at the banks and don’t understand why we can’t trust them anymore. They look at Congress telling us that Social Security and Medicare benefits must be cut or the country will die, even if grandma has to in order to postpone it.

What do they have left.

Their daughters.

And how do you tell a 17-year-old daughter that if she acts up, all hell will descend on her and her life will be ruined without recourse?

Well, you take away the recourse.

You do everything you can to surpress sex education, condoms, and you make abortion illegal anywhere she can afford to go. You take away the choice to live some life that you have not lived.

Then her life will be safe because yours was.


That is about as appropriate as telling an 8-year-old boy he can’t be an astrouaut.

I lived in Cocoa Beach, right down the road from Cape Canaveral. The local Chevrolet dealer gave every astrounaut a free Corvette. He didn’t give out condoms.

Are you getting the idea that making sex illegal isn’t going to work very well?

Education works pretty well. Sex education works pretty well. Condoms work most of the time.

And so do Corvettes.

Igrnorance and repression work pretty well if you want your daughter to get pregnant in dire circumstances.

Was that your plan?


Written by Charles Keefer

January 22, 2011 at 9:19 pm

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  1. interesting


    January 25, 2011 at 10:13 pm

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