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Christina-Taylor Green

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So, my first question is who hyphenates a first name?

The New York Times did it twice in today’s story so it probably isn’t a mistake.

Then we have this:

Christina’s clear-eyed gaze, her enthusiasm — baseball, dance and student council were all passions — and the randomness in which she was killed made her death particularly devastating, for grown-ups, President Obama among them, and for her contemporaries.

As the president noted, she was attending the event at which she was shot because of a blossoming interest in politics and American democracy. “I want us to live up to her expectations,” Mr. Obama said at a memorial service for the victims Wednesday evening at the University of Arizona. “I want our democracy to be as good as she imagined it.”

Excuse me. Exactly when did Sam Dolnick or Marc Lacey, the bylined reporters, actually see her “clear-eyed gaze.” They gave no attribution. That implies that they saw it. But they weren’t even put on the story until she was already dead.

Let’s see. Devastating: “wreaking or capable of wreaking complete destruction”; ‘possessing annihilative power’; ‘a devastating hurricane.'” That’s a web definition.

So Christina-Taylor Green’s death was Barack Obama’s Hurricane Katrina. I don’t think so.

She was a 9-year-old. She wasn’t even old enough to witness the dirty tricks Young Republicans are taught in high school.

And do we actually want our democracy to be as good as a 9-year-old can imagine?

Kinda seems a put-down to people like Franklin and Jefferson and Maddison who did things like read Latin, investigate electricity, design buildings, start newspapers and libraries and the Post Office, and consort with slaves while inventing this democracy.

It is a terrible thing that Christina-Taylor Green was shot dead. It is not “devastating.” If it was, we would be willing to do something about gun laws.

I was on the net yesterday and learned that I can purchase a semi-automatic pistol that comes with a 30-round magazine almost anywhere except in a few states that have legislated that 10-round magazines are the max, and that probably doesn’t apply at gun shows. And anyway, you can buy the big magazines after-market.

I learned that there are 320 million people in the United States and 270 million guns.

God help anyone who tries to invade this country.

Where this country should go is not in the dreams of a 9-year-old.

It is in our hands.

And, remember, many of us are armed.

That scares the shit out of me.


Written by Charles Keefer

January 14, 2011 at 10:58 pm

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  1. I think that any law/policy that could have kept a gun out of that nut-case’s hands would be intrusive with regard to the privacy we now have, which is shrinking by the minute. I have owned guns (that IS scary-if you know me) It is indeed the people that kill. HOWEVER there is NO reason that I can imagine that any normal gun/civilian owner should be allowed to have a semi-automatic or more powerful gun NONE There is the thought that if you outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns, they do now anyway.


    January 16, 2011 at 6:18 pm

  2. What’s frightening is how little people know about the guns they own. When I was living in an apartment building in Lauderhill, a woman living next to me proudly told me her boyfriend had gotten her a magnum for self defense. A Magnum! If someone had actually broken into her apartment — there had been no burglaries to begin with — even if she hit the guy, the bullet was going through three other apartments — MINE FIRST!

    I was brought up with guns. I’ve been shooting since I was five. I don’t keep a gun in the house. I shoot for fun. I won’t kill for my TV.

    Scott Campbell

    January 16, 2011 at 9:44 pm

  3. Scott,

    Uncle Sam taught me how to hit a man-sized target with an M-16 at 300 meters. I qualified expert on pistol.

    I do not have a gun in the house.

    Aside from plinking a couple of cans with a .22, my gun experience was strictly military.

    I can’t imagine a situation where I would shoot anyone.

    However, I was thinking about buying a 9mm H&K because the gun is super and the ammo is cheap and I really liked plinking cans. I could dig going to the range and doing some shooting.

    I was trained as a military policeman. We handle prisoners and drunks. Neither one requires shooting.

    Jesus, I hate being a normal American, but discharging a weapon is fun.


    January 16, 2011 at 11:09 pm

  4. Hey Chuck, I guess I was trying to speak to Bev’s point. My dad gave me an M-1 carbine — a semiautomatic — that is still in his house in Florida. It’s a great rifle, fun to shoot, easy to clean and it would be legal for me to bring it to DC. But I don’t target shoot anymore and just don’t want a weapon that powerful in the house. If I really thought I needed a home-defense weapon, I’d buy a shotgun. Otherwise, since most burglars break in when you are not at home, any weapon lying around the house just contributes to their arms supply. I had an antique Mauser pistol stolen in a burglary when I lived on El Prado in West Palm. I’m not sure it could even fire anymore but, whatever.
    I have no problem with guns. But I also would have no problem submitting to a background check, licensing, etc., if I wanted to buy one. And, while I wouldn’t want to see a ban on all semiautomatics, I think we can agree to ban assault weapons again, along with banana and extended clips and cop-killer bullets.

    I hope these things might happen in this Congress, but I doubt it.

    Scott Campbell

    January 17, 2011 at 12:34 am

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