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Uh, the election and math

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Republicans won a lot of seats. What we have here is an indictment of our school system. The majority of voters simply can’t do math.

They understand one man one vote, even if ignoring continued attempts by Republicans to reduce the number of men and women who can vote – especially those who might vote Democratic.

They don’t understand that unless they make $250,000 a year or inherited more than $3 million, they are voting against their economic interests if they vote Republican.

I can understand people playing the lottery even if the odds are completely against them. Winning the lottery may be the only way they will ever afford a new car.

But voting Republican if you are not rich means that you don’t understand what Republicans are about or you simply can’t count.

A working stiff who believes Obamacare is socialist might be right. But, here is the counting part, it also means that his kids will get medical insurance and, when his wife gets sick, the insurance companies can’t cut her off. Count it up. He is better off under socialist Obamacare than he is without it.

Obama and the Democrats reformed college loans. His kids will be able to get cheaper college loans because they no longer have to go through banks that take a cut. The government, who makes the loans, does the paperwork. This saves money. Socialist? Hardly. The government has been funding public schools since, well, forever.

Republicans want to give the very rich a $700 billion tax break. They want to pay for it by not giving the working stiff Social Security until he is 70 and by cutting his Medicare benefits. Do the math. Do you want Bill Gates to have more money, or do you want to retire at 65 while you have some health left?

I could go on and on, but the point is that the Republican propaganda machine has convinced millions of Americans not to do the math.


Written by Charles Keefer

November 5, 2010 at 10:25 pm

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