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I remind you, gentle readers, of the best kept secret in Palm Beach County.

It is the restaurant at the Morikami Museum in Delray Beach.

It costs a bit to go for a day, do the pathway through the gardens, then have lunch at the museum restaurant – maybe $25. But once you have done that, you want to come back.

I don’t know about you, but rock gardens go only so far with me. I’m not paying $12 to see them again. That is the entry fee.

But wait. The restaurant is simply great. Wonderful food on a patio overlooking a lake. A great lunch for $10? That is hard to beat.

So here is the trick. Buy a membership for $55 a year. You get to go as often as you like. That makes a $25 meal and a rock garden into a $10 meal. And it is worth it.

Today I had Fried Heaven – chicken over rice done perfectly. $7.

Last time I had the something basket (can’t remember the word for it) – half a dozen different things in this neat Japanese tray. It was wonderful but “expensive” at $11 or so.

I have trouble getting a burger in City Place for $11.

I can’t wait to eat my way through the rest of the menu. It is that good.

It is August. It is hot in the gardens.

When it cools down, they will be a nice place to read or just think and chill.

It isa photographer’s paradise. Wildlife and everything.

Jog Road south of Linton.

Go there. Have a nice lunch. Become a member.

Then don’t tell your friends. I don’t want it overrun.


Written by Charles Keefer

August 26, 2010 at 10:26 pm

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