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We can’t give every child in America adequate health care because:

1) There are too many of them.

2) They would take money from my medical care.

3) They don’t deserve it.

4) The military budget has to be more than it was when the Soviet Union was big enough to actually scare us.

5) I can’t figure this shit out.

If you answered 4, you might be close to the truth.

The defense budget is about $663.8 billion this year including expenses for the two wars we are waging in the Middle East. This is about the same in adjusted dollars as it was in 1962 when “duck and cover” under your desk was popular.

At the height of the cold war, there were about 130,000 nuclear warheads out there. A 2003 update tallied about 17,000 active plus 13,000 inactive nuclear-warheads worldwide — still a grand total of 30,000.

How many nuclear warheads would it take to extinguish us as a species?

Quite a few less than that.

Does it take a genius to figure out that we are spending way too much money to on “defense.”

Here is how we could turn our country around.

Subtract $100 Billion a year from the defense department and put it into education, transportation, jobs, and clean energy.

End the wars and do this for three years.

Then we can look at $388 billion a year for defense and see if it is justified.

Oh, by the way, schools would start working, we would have high speed rail everywhere, green stuff would happen, and we would have fewer nuclear weapons.

And you would be much happier because you would have full medical regardless of your employer, or lack thereof. And so would all the children.

Since 1962, the defense department budget has taken up all the money we have had to spend. We haven’t been able to pay for schools, alternate energy sources, high speed rail, relief for crumbling cities, new jobs, or health care. Instead, we have things like nuclear missile submarines, which are completely useless. (If we use them, the world already will have ended. We will just be making sure.)

Remember this number. $663 Billion.

Nobody can spend that much well. Especially not the Pentagon.


Written by Charles Keefer

July 26, 2010 at 8:47 pm

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