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I am now reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula and I can’t pass up the feeling that I have already read it. But in 50 years of reading, who can remember? Things seem familiar but details escape me. So, I have probably read it, but I’ll keep reading because, what the hell, why not.

At any rate, it is free. Barnes and Noble gave it to me when I bought a Nook, their little reader that looks like a small Kindle but with a menu that is in color.

Why did I buy a Nook, you say, when you know I already own a Kindle – in fact two of them – the big one and the little one?

Well, because Barnes and Noble is across the street from me and has 400,000 more books in electronic format than Amazon has.

And why did I buy it after I also purchased an iPad.

Well, that is more complicated.

I got the iPad because, well, it is an iPad and the coolest thing out there. It also happens to have both Kindle and Barnes and Noble software available so I can shop in all three electronic book stores on my iPad.

And, well, because it all was a wash.

I bought the Kindle on the day it came out. Last time I checked, I had 106 books in my library. Since I have only 10 books currently on the Kindle (the rest are archived because I have read them), that means I have read about 96 books electronically. That means I have saved about $10 per book that I have read on the Kindle, which comes to $960, because I didn’t kill any trees in the process.

That bought me both the iPad and the Nook.

So right now I’m even, except for the fact that I have three electronic book readers – one of which is a iPad which also does incredible other stuff.

So, with all this experience reading books on electronic devices instead of paper, what should I recommend.

Buy an iPad. You can shop and read from all three stores and I’m sure when Google rolls out its library you can read that. The down side is that you can’t read an iPad in the sun. But then, I don’t read in the sun. I don’t sit in the sun.

I have bought books from all three stores. Even the Apple store, the newest, has books that Barnes and Noble doesn’t have.

I pick up on books that show up on Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. You have to shop for them because not everybody has them.

I can’t wait until Google gives me all the rest of history.

So when do we get the Library of Congress On-Line.


Written by Charles Keefer

June 30, 2010 at 9:24 pm

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  1. I doubt if they have the latest novels and don’t know if they’ll show up on your gadgets, but the Library of Congress DOES have a LOT of info online:

    George P

    July 1, 2010 at 9:54 am

  2. Chuck, look on the bottom right-hand corner of (the Library of Congress website) and you’ll see a link for ITunes U, which has a lot of cool stuff specifically for Apple. It doesn’t seem to offer books, but between Google, Kindle, Apple and Guttenberg, if you want to read the classics for free, they are all there. But this site has a lot of the Library of Congress exhibits, etc.

    But, I’m with you, I think Apple and Amazon have made reading easier for all of us. I was listening to a favorite radio show the other day — on a pod cast — wanted to read the author’s book, and got it from Kindle for $10 in 30 seconds and started reading on my I-Pod Touch.

    And if I read all the free classics I’ve downloaded — including rereading Moby Dick! (Please see previous posts) — I’ll be as smart as I should’ve been with a high school diploma.

    A plus side, for all of us who care about the fate of newspapers, is that if people get used to paying for content, paying to read a newspaper won’t seem that radical. Well . . . we can only hope.

    Scott Campbell

    July 5, 2010 at 10:09 pm

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