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So here is what you have been waiting for – a review of the iPad.

I bought it because I watched the Steve Jobs introduction on the internet. Two hours is a considerable amount of time to be under the spell of Steve Jobs.

But I put it to an immediate test. I took it out of town for a week and left my laptops and my Kindle at home.

The gadget is a 36 GB iPad with WIFI and no G3 phone connection. It is on-line only in a WIFI hot spot.

First, connectivity on the road.

In Washington, DC, I stayed at a hotel with WIFI, but it wasn’t free. It cost $44 a week or $11 a day. I bought it because I wanted to test the iPad.

I had no problems with the hotel’s WIFI even outside on the sidewalk, where I had to go to smoke cigarettes. I could connect to the internet, send mail, and use all the other good stuff that WIFI brings.

Outside the hotel, WIFI was iffy. I found several places where you could actually connect to public WIFI, but not where you would expect. It wasn’t much good inside the museums, for instance. It didn’t work at all in the Starbucks next to the hotel. I didn’t map the city so I can’t tell you where it works, but sometimes it does.

It works just fine in my house where my WIFI station is 10 feet away. It works fine with City Place WIFI at Brewzzi or by the fountain.

So, don’t count on free WIFI unless you are willing to go look for it or it comes with your room.

The Kindle has built in G3 for downloading books and buying stuff from the Kindle store and checking Wikipedia. It works pretty much anywhere. But it won’t let you surf much of the web.

Second, book reading.

If you are a reader, this is one of the reasons you buy a gadget like this. I have two Kindles – a small one and a big one – and I love them. Actually, I love the big one.

I used the iPad to read books on the airplane flight up and back, in the hotel room, in restaurants, and in museums.

The iPad has a backlight screen and full color and the Kindle looks like a paper book with mushy illustrations.

The iPad was unreadable outside. Too much light. The Kindle would have let me read Moby Dick in total sunlight and everywhere else.

On my next trip, I will take both the iPad and the Kindle. I like sitting in parks, feeling the wind blow, and reading. Can’t do it on the iPad. Kindle – no problem.

The iPad has a Kindle application. It accesses the Kindle store and all your books so you loose nothing by going to an iPad. I read Kindle books on my iPad and could access the store at a WIFI hot spot.

The Kindle store has lots more books right now. I saw Reza Aslan on Jon Stewart and I wanted to buy his book “Beyond Fundamentalism.” It wasn’t on iTunes but it was on the Kindle store, so I bought it and read it on my iPad using the Kindle app.

So where is Barnes and Noble?

Other stuff.

They both do audio books and music. The iPad does video. I downloaded an episode of House and watched it with earbuds. It was just fine. Of course, I had to buy it from the iTunes store. The iPad also does Utube. It doesn’t do Flash.

I can do the New York Times on both. I like it better with the iPad app from the New York Times than with the Kindle. I also can get it with a Safari browser on the iPad. The Kindle version of the New York Times, which costs $14 a month, is definitely inferior.


You can type on an iPad if you don’t care how slow you do it. I can’t type without a keyboard. I bought the keyboard for the iPad. It works fine. It is just another thing you have to pack. If you need to type, buy a real computer. If you can get away with a paragraph, an iPad will do. Notice that I didn’t write this on an iPad. No typing on a Kindle. No email either.

Battery Life

The iPad lives up to the advertising. I’ve gotten 8 hours and it said it had 20 percent battery left. The Kindle might get a bit more.

So, bottom line?

On the road, I could live with either. But then, I am a reader. Flight time from West Palm Beach to Washington is two hours. On either one of them, I could have read some part of Moby Dick. On the iPad, I could have watched two hours of “House” or whatever.

The iPad has 150,000 apps that can run on it, which means about 23 that are worth shit. I found one called “Happy Hour” which tells you where the nearest Happy Hour bars and restaruants are in relation to you. This would be good if you have the G3 version. In Washington, I used it on my iPhone.

I left out a lot. I’ll write more later – on a real computer. But I’ll finish Moby Dick on my iPad.


Written by Charles Keefer

April 12, 2010 at 9:20 pm

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  1. Nice Blog. Keep The great job

    April 13, 2010 at 5:19 am

  2. At first glance, Apple’s iPad really didn’t look like much. An expensive piece of glass that could be used as a paper weight as people were calling it a “gimped” version of a netbook. It lacks USB ports and HDMI outputs, has a closed operating system, lacks flash support. Many people bashed it for its shortcomings and nobody really knew which category of mobile computing it should fall into. It definitely lacks the horsepower to replace a laptop, it lacks the host of functions that netbooks have, it couldn’t replace tablets either because of its closed operating system. Despite its short comings, demand for the Apple’s product shattered expectations. The stronger-than-expected demand for the iPad in the United States took Apple by surprise. The several hundred thousand they released were not enough to cope with the demand for the United States alone. The shortage in the United States equated to a push back in the release date for iPads in the other markets around the world.

    Katie Tam

    May 4, 2010 at 2:56 am

  3. […] share Chuck Keefer’s take on his iPad. Here one of the original Macintosh good guys, from his Charles Keefer Riding […]

  4. I think this is useful I truly appreciate the informations shared in this post I am going to bookmark this!

    Audry Karnes

    June 3, 2010 at 3:32 pm

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