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I didn’t know that C.B. Hanif had a blog. I found out on Facebook.

It is at:

I am pointing this out because C.B. Hanif is perhaps one of the kindest, gentlest persons I have ever met.

Gentlest is defined as : free from harshness, sternness, or violence.

If I were in his shoes, I’d be going to gun shows at the South Florida Fair.

But here is his fairwell to the readers of The Palm Beach Post.


I must use my remaining space to announce, with regret, that in this era of downsizing I am heading for early retirement. If my feelings could be summed in a word, it would be gratitude.

Gratitude for having been your go-to guy regarding the accuracy and fairness of the news and feature offerings of The Palm Beach Post. For having looked forward each day to hearing your concerns. For all of you who cared enough about our craft to pen a letter, call, or fire off an e-note. And for all of you who were happy just to read about them.

Gratitude for your trusting me to faithfully convey your concerns, and get answers. And for being able to air them in your forum, this Listening Post column that I simply edited. Gratitude for your countless kind words of encouragement – and admonishment, either for me or others on the paper’s staff. Almost invariably, you made us better.

Gratitude for having been able to work with some of the world’s best journalists, here and elsewhere. For countless interactions with the people in our community. For having been a beneficiary as outstanding young people blossomed here into outstanding journalists. And as the paper mined our community for stellar talent.

Gratitude for the innumerable opportunities provided me by the paper’s management, including to offer my thoughts in general-interest columns, to help shape the newspaper’s institutional voice through service on the editorial board and through editorials, and for two stints as editor of your letters page.
Not the least, gratitude for Post management not only designating someone to listen to readers, but also providing this forum for the public airing of their concerns.

As I often have noted, newspapers question every other institution. They should continue to. But newspapers also should be held to the same standard. And even more so in this age when the import of information can change drastically in that proverbial Internet minute.

Not long after I introduced myself to Post readers in 1987, a fellow news ombudsman and I teased each other about being the babies in the international Organization of News Ombudsmen. Thanks to your and this newspaper’s backing, I depart as the world’s longest-serving news ombudsman.

…l I took out a graph that doesn’t apply and gives a bad URL…

I plan to continue writing and editing, taking a few classes and teaching some, and working on other projects. I still am excited about how all the things we’ve been doing here – particularly news analysis and commentary – translate to the Internet. So that will remain an area of pursuit for me. In the meantime, I will cherish my many conversations with you, and hope that this essay conveys my heartfelt appreciation.


C.B. Hanif was special. He got to write his own obit at The Post and have it published. Hundreds of us did not get that opportunity.

I think most of us, if we could write such a thing, would say pretty much what C.B. said. It was not only fun, but an honor, to serve you by telling as much of the truth as we could and we will miss it.

We will miss our fellows, and sometimes even our editors, and our platform, and you, but some of us will continue.

I would say that, in your journeys across the internet, you might be well served by checking into C.B.’s blog.


Written by Charles Keefer

March 14, 2010 at 9:30 pm

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