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Wild Olives

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This is the Harriet Himmel Theater in the heart of City Place in downtown West Palm Beach.

It is possible to get lunch, depending on what you call lunch, within sight of the Himmel for less than $20. But then, why would you want to? After you’ve paid for the parking, you are at $20 even if you just get a cheeseburger.

Wild Olives, a reasonably priced – for City Place – Italian restaurant with modern decore opened over the weekend and Jan Norris asked me to check it out. It is a Todd English deal and the manager said they were still training chefs and working out the kinks when I walked in this afternoon.

Prices range from $4 for the soup of the day to $16 for the most expensive entree. I ordered the tomato basil bisque and meatball sliders with parmesan fries. I also ordered the best sweet tea I’ve had in years, with free refills. My total was a bit over $16, so that is your typical City Place lunch once you add in the tip.

To put it simply, the food was good. Great food should cost more than $20 and shouldn’t be named sliders.

There were no condiments on the table, not even salt and pepper, because, according to the manager, the food shouldn’t need them. If you ask, you can get them.

The tomato basil bisque was everything I could have asked for. You may not share my taste, but I loved it. The meatball sliders were way cool. I’d go for them any day over regular sliders. The parmesan fries were finger-scorching hot, perfectly salted, and came with a house-made catsup that I could not argue with.

The service was attentive for such a place. At least three servers and the manager asked if things were satisfactory.

And they have WIFI – which can mean a lot to a single diner.

Wild Olives, just north of Macy’s, is exponentially better than the last Itallian place in that venue.

But the true test is – would I go back?

You bettcha. Just looking for an excuse.


Written by Charles Keefer

February 3, 2010 at 8:45 pm

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  1. sound OK, there was something on the Pizza site about it , maybe you could try the pizza next time, ah there is your excuse!


    February 5, 2010 at 5:49 pm

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