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The Largest Star

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I was talking with my friend Bruce, who called up to comment on my blog entry about Michael Moore’s latest movie “Capitalism: A Love Story” and he mentioned the largest star in the universe.

Bruce, a retired mechanical engineer, calls because he doesn’t want to sit down at the computer and write something. He just doesn’t like to do that.

And, guess what. The telephone works good.

Had he sat down and written a comment to the blog about Michael Moore’s latest movie, I may not have found out about the largest star in the universe.

The largest star we know about is VY Canis Majoris, a red hypergiant in the constellation Canis Major located about 5,000 light years from earth.

If it was our star, it would extend all the way out to Saturn.

Now why is this important?

My friend Bruce did not want a computer in his home. He thought he would just sit at it and play solitaire on the web, smoke cigarettes, and die.

I helped him buy his first home computer.

He does sit at his computer, smoke cigarettes, and play solitaire on the web.

He also found the largest star we know about. I didn’t.

I just watched a PBS program about the Royal Library at Alexandria in Egypt.

It contained knowledge that Europe only redicsovered a thousand years later.

If anyone wonders about the value of the internet, that is it.

You don’t have to wait a thousand years. You google it.

Here is the largest star:


Written by Charles Keefer

October 9, 2009 at 10:04 pm

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  1. WE brought my mother, who turns 88 this month, a webTV about 10 years ago.

    She and the lightning gods have gone through four of them. When the last one died, we went with one with a broadband wireless connection so we wouldn’t have to steal weak connectivity.

    It’s amazing how she’s adapted to the Internet. The webTV has a lot of limitations (she can’t display my blog, for example), but it’s still great for email.

    She loves being part of the Steinhoff give-and-take between kids and grandkids.

    She doesn’t do that much surfing, but she has mastered enough to cancel her subscription to the local paper (sound familiar?) and read it for free on line.

    Ken Steinhoff

    October 11, 2009 at 9:38 am

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