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Above is a photo of Carlton Cartwright, executive director of The Children’s Coalition, and Andrew Sarantidis, owner of New Age Automotive on Belvedere Road across from The Palm Beach Post.

Some of you will remember Andrew. He took care of lots of Postie’s cars including about 20 years’ worth of mine.

Cartwright is the guy I “work” for but, I’m not sure you would call it that because I’m on the board of directors so he allegedly works for me (and the other board members, of course). I help with skills training for kids who already are in the criminal justice system in the hope that we can get them out of that system and into jobs where they have a chance to become productive citizens before something really bad happens.

Recently, The Children’s Coalition’s van broke down. The air conditioner went kaput and sprayed stuff all over the engine which shorted out the chip that makes the whole thing run. Not good.

Cartwright took it someplace that will remain anonymous and they got it running, but they didn’t fix the air conditioner. Ever had nine kids in a van with no air conditioner?

So, knowing Andrew and knowing he has kept my cars in shape, I took the van to him.

Andrew not only fixed the air conditioner, but he also found serious problems with the front end the other shop did not find.

I know. You are thinking here that Andrew took me for a walk in the park. I don’t think so. Two reasons. First, he has never done that to me.

Second, when he fixed the front end, he donated the labor charges to The Children’s Coalition. We only paid for parts.

That’s why Carlton Cartwright and Andrew Sarantides are shaking hands in front of the van.

And that is why I’ll keep taking my cars to Andrew for the next 20 something years.

Ride report:

Date Miles Total Remaining Percent
March 16 12.97 596.5 2403.5 19.88
March 17 12.98 609.4 2390.6 20.31

Written by Charles Keefer

March 21, 2009 at 9:02 pm

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  1. Honest mechanic. Awesome.

    I wish I could find a good mechanic in Palm Beach Gardens. Every time I have a problem I have to head down to Dave’s on South Dixie. It would be nice to find someone at my end of town but I’m just not willing to risk a bad experience. Dave’s is out of my way, requires getting a ride (twice) from someone who is also probably going out of her way but I trust the guy.

    Thank you for dropping back on the miles. Between the rain, being busy and general laziness, I didn’t take but two short spins this week. I wish everyone who road would post their miles online.


    Matthew Steinhoff

    March 21, 2009 at 9:44 pm

  2. I agree.

    Let no mile go un-posted.

    Unfortunately for you, I just finished a major project that would keep me indoors. Watched the rain as I finished and said, “Tomorrow I’m going to kick Matt’s ass.”

    Jeez, I hope tomorrow isn’t rainy again.


    March 21, 2009 at 9:54 pm

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